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Intermemediate Class, Book Case Joinery Class, Sun 28 Jan

Max 5 Book Cases, $150 1 Person, 1 Bookcase,
$162 2 People 1 Book case ( to cover artist and resource fees)

Brad Holly will again be taking your carpentry skills to the next level with making a boarded book case but with joinery. The dimensions will be under 4ft tall, 32 inches wide and 12 inches deep. It will be constructed with dado joints made on the table saw. Finally the book case will be glued and finished with cut nails to give it a rustic finish.

From Brad: participants will learn and apply the use of a housed joint, the dado ("day-doh" ), in the construction of a pine-board fixed-shelf bookcase.

Housed joints require extra work but are exceptionally strong even without the use of glue or nails - th...ough we will use both. The joint will be cut using a specialty table saw blade, the dado set which is essentially an adjustable stack of blades which cut simultaneously producing a wide trough.

Participants will use hand tools to refine the fit of joints which may include a rebate plane, router plane, shoulder plane and chisel.

Once the case is complete participants will mill pine boards to produce a ship-lapped back for the case to provide a traditional look and character.

The suggested dimensions of the project are 46" tall, 33" wide, and 11 1/4" deep giving shelf heights of 18", 12" and 9" respectively (the top shelf is open). The design can be adjusted to suit your needs however participants should give consideration to how they will transport it home when signing up for the class.2 if you bring a friend to help.

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