Access to shop

How do I gain access to the shop

We operate on a pay-per-visit basis, so no memberships required. You can pay for a single visit, a five visit punch card, or a monthly pass through our online store or pay in cash at the shop.


How much does it cost to use the shop?

$12 for a single visit, 3hrs Open Shop.

$60 for a five visit punch card, which has no expiry on when you use the 5 visits; and

$75 for a one month pass. One month pass allows you access anytime during Open shop hours for 30 calender days

Classes and workshops are paid for separately.

Open Hours

When is the shop open?

The shop’s open hours are: Monday, through Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and Saturdays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Classes and workshops are held outside of these hours. Check our calendar for more info.

Private Rental

Can the shop be rented for private use?

It is possible to rent the entire shop for private use outside of our open shop hours and any scheduled classes and workshops. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.

What level of experience do I need before I can use the shop?

No prior experience required to use the shop. We welcome all levels of experience to work in a helpful and non-judgemental atmosphere. There is always a volunteer in the shop to help you with your project or advise you on the safe use of any of the tools in the shop.

Prior Experience

Can I leave the shop and come back during open hours or do I have to pay for another visit?

You are free to leave and come back during that day’s open hours.

No smoking or vaping in the shop, or use of stain due to VOCs.

Coming and Going

Can children use the shop?

Anyone is welcome to use the shop, but minors must be supervised by an adult, at all times.

Child’s name must also be on shop waiver, along with supervising adult.


Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes! If you’re interested in volunteering during our open shop hours or to teach a class or workshop, please contact us at for more details.


Do you accept donations?

Yes, we gladly accept monetary donations to help cover our operational costs and the upkeep of our tools and equipment. Monetary donations can be made through our online store. If you have tools, materials, resources, etc. you’d like to donate, please contact us at



Can I store my in-progress projects in the shop?

Yes, your project and project materials can be stored at the shop for up to 30 days for $15.

This allows you the convenience of having your project on site, and not have to move it from you home or car every time you want to work on it.

Project Storage Now $15/ month