23rd Nov 2018- Progress Update

After many hours by many volunteers, the shop is starting to look respectable.

More room to move, sharper tools, less mess and clutter.

Nov has been busy with many new drop ins, a coordination with a local non profit to assist teens and young adults develop skills, such as woodworking, they can start a career with.

Instructors and projects have been a hit and miss, but that is what Community is all about.

So far almost every ask for assistance, some one has stepped up.

As you can see the Dec Calender is blank, and we would like to have simple projects of a holiday nature.

And no you cannot come to the shop to cut your Festivus Pole down so it fits in your car.

We are coming up on our second year, and our personal stewardship on 28th Nov.

Thank you for all your help Halifax.

Come relieve your stress with some #sawdusttherapy, with a Punch pass, which is on sale for $45, till Monday.


01 Oct, Monday night Sewer back up mystery solved.

So as we rent in the basement, the lower bathroom has to pump up to the sewer line.

The landlord informed me that the plumber found a diaper clogging the pipes so tightly he had to BURN it out.

So needless to say that there was a horrendous stench at around 3pm last night.

This morning 2nd Oct the stench is gone and we are open for business as usual this evening.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Participation in Fix it Fair, Oct 21st, Old Keiths Brewery

We have been asked to participate in this Fall’s Fix it Fair.


This fair allows people to bring in items to be fixed or referred for fixing to local businesses.

Our participation will be a booth, displaying our smaller tools, and display with project classes such as Storage Crates, and Serving Trays.

The intent is to increase our visibility to all, so that more people take advantage and pride in building their own skills and projects.

The fair is a project of the CLEAN organization “ Inspiriring Environmental Change”


Please take the time to check out their Facebook/ Instagram and Twitter @ CleanFondation

New Location New Chapter, 13 Sept 2018

So l have finally been able to give some attention to our website and online store now that we are all moved into 3660 Commission Street, Halifax, NS, Canada.

It is around 936 sqft. With in it we have the same three work tables but more storage both for projects and personal tools.

We now have a Dewalt 13 inch planer, cost us about $1000 with tax so no end grain cutting boards please. That is how our last one was DESTROYED.

Volunteers are returning, so we all can share the shop with out dedicating our lives to it.

Hours are pretty much the same. 3hr windows per visit

Mon- Thurs 6-9pm

Fri, Closed or Scheduled Class

Sat: 1-3 pm

Sunday, Closed or Scheduled Classes.

Right and we we now have open spaces and secure spaces for your tools and projects at the nominal cost of $15.00 per 30 days. This allows the shop to have current projects and not clogged up with 9 month or more abandoned projects..

So that is about it. LEARN, BUILD, GROW.