23rd Nov 2018- Progress Update

After many hours by many volunteers, the shop is starting to look respectable.

More room to move, sharper tools, less mess and clutter.

Nov has been busy with many new drop ins, a coordination with a local non profit to assist teens and young adults develop skills, such as woodworking, they can start a career with.

Instructors and projects have been a hit and miss, but that is what Community is all about.

So far almost every ask for assistance, some one has stepped up.

As you can see the Dec Calender is blank, and we would like to have simple projects of a holiday nature.

And no you cannot come to the shop to cut your Festivus Pole down so it fits in your car.

We are coming up on our second year, and our personal stewardship on 28th Nov.

Thank you for all your help Halifax.

Come relieve your stress with some #sawdusttherapy, with a Punch pass, which is on sale for $45, till Monday.