These are the tools available for use in the workshop:

Most of our tools are on long term loan from current members, or have been donated in memory of a loved one.

Please treat them with the caution and respect power tools deserve.

Things break, not an issue. Please report them to the volunteer so we can make arrangements to replace or repair them.

things we have that are ready to use

  • 6" jointer

  • 13" Dewalt planer

  • Drill press

  • Router tables

  • 2 Table saws,

  • 1 King 1 HP dust collector

  • 2  9” Band saws

  • 2 Sliding Compound Mitre saws

  • 3 Belt sander

  • 2 small Lathe

  • Power tools (3 jigsaw, 3 circ saw, drills, 2 orbital sander)

  • Hands tools (hand saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, chisels, 4 hand plane)

  • 2HP dust Collector for sanding area

  • 1  250 air compressor, used with pneumatic tools.

  • 2 smaller air compressors.

  • 1 Pneumatic 34 Degree Nail Hammer

  • 1 Pnuematic Pin nailer

  • 1 18 guage 2 in 1 Pneumatic Nailer


YOU, as a participant, volunteer, or even teach a Class!!!

GLUE, and more pipe clamps

2 Pneumatic 34 degree Nail Hammer for outdoor projects

2 more Sliding Compound Mitre Saws, to allow for larger class sizes.

14 inch Band Saw and stand, to allow for bigger projects

Heavy Duty 6hp Wet Dry vacuum to speed up clean up at the end of the shift.

Magnetic sweeping bar with wheels to prevent screws and nails from clogging or destroying Dust Collection System.